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Nguyen Van

Nguyen Van is a 34 year old single mother of two children (10 and 6 years old). She lives in Vinh Long in the southern Vietnam. Her husband abandoned her after she gave birth to her second daughter and never tried to contact her again.

Her job as a part time seasonal farm worker did not cover her expenses to take care of her kids, leave alone send her kids to school. She has no support system and has had a major struggle to survive. Give the Needy Foundation is now supporting her so she can help her family and be able to send her daughters to school; also give them hope for a better future.


Update for Nguyen Van (Support from 10-2010 through 12-2011)


We supported Nguyen and her two children for one year and 3 months. Starting from October 2010 and we stop supporting her December, 2011 as she managed to help her family and is in a better place. We are happy that with the effort and support from Give the Needy Foundation, Nguyen created a small vegetable garden in her backyard and is now selling vegetables in her neighborhood. We wish Nguyen health, happiness and a good life with her children moving forward too.

Thank you letter from Nguyen Van to GTN >