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Janet Muhavi

Janet Muhavi is a widow/single mother of three children.

She had a responsibility to look after three of her children with no fixed job or income. The oldest child was not living with her as it was too expensive to look after all three of them in a big city like Nairobi, so one of the girls was sent away to her relatives up country in her village; while she takes care of her two of her young children.  She use to ask and wait for people to give her work for a day or however long they could use her help; in which she earned very little to help her situation. Most of the time it was just enough to feed one person; let alone three mouths to feed. Janet lives in Kibera a slum area; which is quite far from Nairobi.

We at Give the Needy Foundation have been helping Janet and her children since 2011 to be able to take care of her kids and herself; while she learns a new skill to help herself in the long run and to stand on her own feet.

Janet’s three children

Janet Muhavi in 2013

Mona Riaz hands her food supplies for 2 months
(due to the shortage of maize in the market)

Update on Janet Muhavi January 17th 2014

GTN was supporting Janet since 2011; to be able to take care of her kids and herself; while she was learning a new skill as a seamstress. She is now working as one since Jan. 2014. We are proud to report that Janet and her family is now a success story for Give the Needy Foundation; with the support of our generous donors.