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falaz_naz_picWe are helping a little girl “Falak Naz” since she was 5 years old. She has a spinal deformity called: “thoracic kyphoscoliosis”

Give the Needy Foundation not only supports widows and orphans, but also helps girls with challenging medical needs. One example is helping a little girl “Falak Naz” since she was 5 years old. She has a spinal deformity called: “thoracic kyphoscoliosis”.

Unfortunately Falak doesn’t have the pleasure to do most of the things a normal child would do because of her illness. Her spine has an abnormal curve called Kyphoscoliosis.  (Please click here for detail information from WIKIPEDIA >)

The three general causes are present at birth, poor muscle control or muscle weakness and the third one is unknown. In Falak’s case it was present at birth; but was not diagnosed until she was 3 years old when the curve became obvious. It is often not noticed in the earlier stages.  According to the doctors if one shoulder appears to be higher than the other then there maybe chances of scoliosis. Other symptoms are lower back pain, fatigue, shoulders. The hips are uneven and spine curves abnormally to the side.

She is presently on medication and her spinal x-rays are taken periodically to check her condition. But unfortunately the size and the location of her spinal curve is getting worse as she is growing older.

Please help us help Falak fight her illness with Give the Needy Foundation; so that she has a healthy future by supporting her with her medical needs.


Falak Naz’s at 7 years old…


Falak Naz’s at 8 years of age (2012)






8Falak Naz’s at 9 years of age (2013), when we went to visit her at her school.
I hope her story will inspire you to help her, as there are several operations she has to under go, until she is better. Please email us for any inquiry that you may have to help support her.


Visiting Falak Naz at her school on March 29th 2014

Update on Falak Naz May 26th 2014

We are pleased to share that her first surgery was successful with the help of your support! Please help us help her, so that she can have a healthy future. The doctor is making her wear a body brace jacket. She has started slowly taking a few steps with physical therapy and gradually improving every day.  Thanks for your well wishes.

Update on Falak Naz September 10th 2014

We are happy to inform you that Falak Naz is doing much better. The doctor still wants her to wear a body brace jacket; until such time that it helps her. She has gradually started going to school again. We will keep you updated with her progress. Thanks for your well wishes again.

gtn_copyright_pic1Update on Falak Naz February 2015

Falak is back in school and is doing well. She still needs to wear her back brace for certain activities and is slowly progressing towards a full recovery.